Safe, Clean, Comfortable and Independent Bathing Experience for seniors and handicapped

According to the CDC unintentional falls were the Leading Cause of nonfatal injuries in 2007. Don't let you or your loved one become a statistic or live in fear of bathing alone. Soak away your worry of getting injured in the bathtub, and enjoy bathing again with a walk in bath tub.

A majority of people with Multiple Sclerosis continue to see to most of their own daily needs, however, a common stumbling block is bathing. Yet even this need not be a problem.Walk in tubs have been designed specifically for people with mobility problems in mind which includes the handicapped and the elderly populace.

Soaking in warm water is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Research has shown it works wonders for all kinds of musculoskeletal complaints, including fibromyalgia, arthritis and lower back pain. Submersing oneself in a warm bath soothes sore joints by reducing the force of gravity, offering support for sore limbs, increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation.

It is often the case that following a stroke there is a degree of fear about using the bathroom. Especially getting in and out of the bath, slipping or falling and not having the strength to get yourself out of the bath once you are in. Comfort Walk in Tubs allow stroke patients to bathe in a safe, easy access tub with a contoured seat for comfort and the ability to bathe alone or with an assistant.

A Walk-in Bathtub will give you peace of mind for its safety, comfort, and therapeutic benefits. For those who have struggled to get in and out of a bathtub, who dread the slippery shower floor and unmanageable glass doors, a Comfort Walk In Tubs is waiting for you. No more sitting on that chair in the shower or struggling to get up and out of the bathtub. Just open the door, step in, sit down in our comfortable contoured built-in seat and enjoy the bath you deserve. Source:

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