PLEASE Help Identify the Source of Loud Music Blaring from Somewhere in our Community

There's been extremely loud music with pounding bass blaring in our area. (North Oval) Friday night (6/25/10) it was still going at 12:30 am. It's 9:20 pm Sat and it's been going on and off at least since we returned home at 7pm. We've driven around trying to locate the source.... We're having trouble tracking it because the volume is not consistent.

Is it coming from McLaughlin? Washington Place? Venice Blvd? We're pretty sure that it's not coming directly from the North Oval... we've walked past every house... we hear it here and on Pacific Ave but the source is someplace in the distance.

If anyone can help identify the source of this blaring deep bass please publish the address. We need to join forces as a community, report the noise pollution and stop this before it turns into accepted practice in our neighborhood.


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