Need Pet Care? Or Do You Need to Organize Your Home or Office? Don't Understand Social Media or Selling Online? Read on ...

I grew up on the Westside of Los Angeles and presently reside in the Mar Vista area.  I have worked many different types of jobs over the years and have a lot to offer to those in need.

I have worked office/administrative jobs, had my own business and I am adept on PC's and MAC's, I have worked as a fitness trainer and Pilates teacher, done pet care work - dog walking/dog sitting/cat care, I have sold online on Amazon,, and eBay, Barnes & Noble Marketplace, plus others.  I am also proficient in social media - Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Blogs, and more.  I also possess good organizational skills for homes and offices.  I have also been a caregiver for seniors and an Alzheimer's gentleman.

Due to the challenging economic times, I am broadening my horizons and offering the above services to people in the area.  If you can use or are looking for any of the above services, please contact me and let's talk.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please let your friends know about this posting, too!

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