The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase returns! It’s exciting to see what we’ve already achieved with our past Showcases…and with two years off to recharge our creative batteries, we’re coming back on Saturday, April 28, 2018 stronger than ever.

Saturday, April 28, 10am - 4pm

Sustainable gardening, our mandate since the Showcase was conceived by the Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee in 2009, has always been at the heart of our event. Even though our recent Winter rainfall has done much to alleviate our immediate drought crisis, please don’t be lulled into thinking that plentiful rainfall will continue. The need for sustainable practices in our gardens and the thirst for information on how to convert lawns into beautiful, sustainable and environment-friendly retreats continues. For the homeowners in the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, water conservation is a way of life.

Curious about drip irrigation? Want to tear out your lawn but don't know how? The 2018 Showcase has a learning component. Beekeeping! Water capture! Composting! Native plant selection! Garden design overview! Our goal is to provide a relaxing day in some of our area’s most beautiful gardens while providing know-how that you can use in your own garden.

The Gardens

There are 24 gardens in the 2018 Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase. You can view photos and descriptions of all of them on the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase blog. 11 of the gardens are new to the Showcase. 7 are opening their backyards to visitors. The landscapers will be present at 5 of the gardens.

KICKOFF. The Learning Garden at Venice High School is SHOWCASE CENTRAL. We'll kick off the 2018 Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase at 10am with 11th district Councilmember Mike Bonin welcoming visitors.

KID-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES: To celebrate the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase, Walgrove Elementary is hosting a free community gathering called Monarch Fest from 12-4pm celebrating its myriad outdoor education spaces. Activities include kids’ yoga, live music, nature mandala sculpture building, food, and special performances by Walgrove’s own Musical Theater and Strings by the Sea violin program.

FREE give-aways at the free Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase:
Pick up free low flow shower heads and sink aerators from LADWP for folks in their service area at 3379 Stewart Avenue.

Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase visitors are invited to bring home some compost from Ocean VIew Farm’s supply.

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