Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase to Celebrate Earth Day 2011

The Mar Vista Community Council welcomes you to participate in the FREE third annual Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase - a community-wide Earth Day celebration on Sunday, April 30th, 2011 from 11am to 4pm.

Choosing your own eco-adventure will be fun and easy with options for guests to either personalize tours or follow mapped tours specific to an area or a sustainability topic. Participants will have opportunities of intimate views of drought-resistant landscapes, edible gardens, composting techniques, water capture practices and free range farming.

This giant eco-festival will be comprised of a public, open house tour through more than 70 private resident gardens throughout Mar Vista. On the heels of a wildly successful viewing with nearly 2,000 attendees last year, the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase expands this year to include on-site tours within six self-guided walking and biking tours to address sustainability in daily living, a national solar energy partnership, and special guest presenters.

To further Mar Vista's goal of achieving 100% clean electricity by 2018, the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase also hosts the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour which will showcase Mar Vista homes that have harnessed the power of the sun. Called the "the world's largest grassroots solar event," the nonprofit American Solar Energy Society (ASES)'s National Solar Tour is now in its 16th year. This event showcases how homeowners have gone beyond their gardens to use energy efficiency, solar energy, and other sustainable practices to reduce utility bills and help the environment.

The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase seeks to empower Los Angelenos to adopt environmentally conscious living solutions. “With most people walking or biking their tours, there is a tremendous sense of community as residents throughout Southern California come to Mar Vista to celebrate our shared vision for a greener life. We invite anyone eager to make a positive environmental impact, to come learn about ways to bring sustainability home from your neighbors who’ve already embraced it,” said Jeanne Kuntz, Mar Vista Green Committee Vice Chair and an organizer of the showcase.

Guest presenters on the tour include Surfrider, TreePeople, Surfrider Ocean Friendly Gardens, Zero Air Pollution, Native Green LLC, Sustainable Works, and Sierra Club LA beyond Coal among others. Landscape designers, solar installers and service providers will also be at gardens to answer questions and share information.

Go to the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase official website for a preview of the gardens and a map of the locations to plan your tour.

For more information please email Media is welcome.

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