• We are a community of professional artists and experienced educators dedicated to bring out the best in each child.
• We specialize in working with youth and teens on every level from novice to advanced.
• Our administrators and instructors develop empowering, valuable and age-appropriate curriculum.
• Players are guided with techniques and direction to build their theater knowledge, expand their range, and find their voice.
• We pride ourselves on creating a safe, enriching and inspiring environment where players work together closely to develop their ideas, hit their mark, brainstorm, and collaborate.
• In this age of technology, KOS believes in the importance of guiding youth and teens toward the love of theater and traditional arts.

Call our Program Advisor or visit our website for further information: or 310-314-0035

SUMMER CAMPS 2012:  Camp lengths, ages and prices vary  through out the summer.                        Ages 4-7, 8-14 & 12-17

Santa Monica Locations.                                                                                                                      Pre-registration and minimum enrollment required per program.                                                                         All programs are for novice to advanced.                                                                                                          Each camp brings something new.

GLEE MUSICAL THEATER                                      Ages 8-14              June 25-June 29 (1 week)
For actors who love to sing popular songs.
A specialized camp where actors focus on the mechanics of expressing oneself as a singer and actor under professional direction.  Actors create scenes and learn choreography inspired by a popular song choice. This camp is for all singing and acting levels. Brainstorming and collaboration are encouraged... your song ideas are welcome!  

MUSICAL THEATER 1 & 2    Ages 8-14            July 2-July 20 (3 weeks) & July 23-August 10 (3 weeks)
For those actors who love the world of theater and performance.
Actors learn to hit their mark while collaborating and rehearsing a popular musical which culminates in a final performance.   
Curriculum includes acting, singing, dancing, choreography, theater games, theme days and more.  Actors work together closely and develop their confidence, character, presentation and acting skills. Every actor has a voice and the chance to shine.  

IMAGINATION THEATER 1 & 2    Ages 4-7    July 2-July 20 (3 weeks) & July 23-August 10 (3 weeks)
For young actors who love theater games, costumes, creative exploration, and performance.
Actors experience acting, singing, dancing, dress-up, arts & crafts, improvisation and skits; as well as collaborate on a popular musical, fairytale, cultural story or original adventure play. Players develop self-expression, confidence, body awareness, as well as theater and social skills while building friendships in a safe, inspiring and fun-filled environment.

BROADWAY MUSICAL THEATER            Ages 8-14            August 13-August 17 (1 week)
For actors who want to explore musical classics.
From the school yard of Grease, to the plains of Oklahoma, to the spooky halls of Phantom of the Opera, this camp offers an  opportunity to bring many exciting ‘cast of characters’ to life.  Actors explore, sing and dance Broadway classics.  Experience scenes and songs from famous musicals by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and other composers.  Your ideas for scenes and/or songs from musicals are welcome! 

CREATIVE DRAMATICS 1,2,3,4,5  Ages 4-7      1: June 18-22   2: June 25-29   3: August 13-17                 4: August 20-24     5: August 27- 31 (1 week camps) 

For our young actors who love the continual process of imagination and invention.  
Players act, sing, dance, dress-up, and act out the "Play of the Day" which is based on a fairy tale, popular musical or story from around the world. Every child is encouraged to share ideas and shine in a non-competitive, inspiring environment that develops self-expression, body awareness, theater techniques and social skills.

TEEN AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS   Ages 12-17 June 25-June 29 & July 30-August 3 (1 week each workshop)
A one-week afternoon intensive program designed to challenge the teen actor. 
Teens work with a theater professional to develop a stronger foundation of their craft through exercises and scene studies.   Workshop includes cold reading, comedy drama, classical techniques, audition techniques and more.  We provide a forum where teens encourage and inspire each other to excel in expanding their creative range on every level. 


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