If you have bountiful fruit trees in your yard, and fret over all the wasted produce, fruitanthropy will help. Fruitanthropy sends out volunteer harvesting teams to pick the excess fruit and vegetables, donating 100% of it to local food pantries. Fruitanthropy's mission is to reconnect our community with the abundance of food already present in our everyday lives, while creating change around issues of urban hunger, food waste and food justice. They're looking for neighbors with mature fruit trees and excess fruit and vegetables. All property owners receive tax donations for every pound they harvest. They're also looking for volunteers for a low key volunteer experience: have fun, make new friends, build community, stop food waste and help fight urban hunger! A few ways to help: fruit picking, tree scouting, community outreach and development. Citrus is coming into season so visit to sign up.
Fruitanthropy (noun): (1) the collecting, picking, dispensing or receiving of fruit for humanitarian purposes.

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