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Okay lets' talk about losing weight: do you want to lose weight (water) or do you want to lose fat? I am Christine Lusita, a Certified Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist in Mar Vista. I've always been fascinated with this subject.. We should all know losing weight is pretty mathematic. It's calories in vs. calories out, it's just that simple. Which means how many calories we intake, must be less than how much we output (normal daily activity + exercise) in order to lose weight. but we find ourselves never really happy with just losing "weight" because we still have the fat that we accumulated in gaining the weight!! We can't spot reduce fat, like...i.e. I want to lose the fat in my butt only, the body doesn't work like that, but ... .(no pun intended)! ...if we do make that miracle link in science, I will be the first to sign up!! ....Although, we can efficiently burn fat everywhere in our body .. which is primarily done through aerobic activity.. We have a few energy systems in our body when it comes to exercise. 1. Phosphagen (used for power) 2. glycolic (used for anaerobic) 3. Aerobic. for purposes of burning fat, we use the aerobic system. (Elevated heart rate/oxygen consumption). Here is where we burn fat for fuel, but it takes about 15 minutes to start burning fat in this energy system. We at least want to stay in this zone for 30-60 minutes to start burning this fat we had so much fun putting on! :-P Here is a formula used in the industry to determine your "fat burning zone". It's called the Karvonea formula. ( 220)-(age)-(resting heart rate), x (45-65%,) + (resting heart rate), = ___. The answer to this number is your personal "fat burning heart rate zone." (note the 45-65% is the percentage best used for burning fat). For example: here is my personal calculations : 220-36-66-x 65% +66 = 143. My fat burning heat rate at 65% is 143. So I will typically give myself a zone of 123-143 . It's great to use a heart rate monitor, so you can monitor this zone at the gym, outside,or any activity that you do etc... I have this cool polar rsd200 heart rate watch, which allows me to set a zone . So I set my zone (123-143) and I put an alarm on it so if I am under this zone I chose, it will alarm me with a sound & the same thing if I go over! I love this ability + this watch does so much more... Being this specific with your body, (target training) will get you quicker results. If you would like more tips on weight loss, as I specialize in this, as well as, I run & consult for many local weight loss centers, you can visit my website for my contact information. Have a great week & let's burn some fat!! P.s We can try to change the appearance of fat, by building muscle for a "toned look", but we'll save that for next time...

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