The Mar Vista Community Council invites you to participate in the FREE fourth annual
Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase - a citywide Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 21st, 2012 from 10 am to 4pm.
See the gardens on the tour here. There are
50 NEW gardens this year's tour.
Use this
MAP to plan your own personal tour.
Print out the map for each of the six tours -
Map 1,
Map 2,
Map 3,
Map 4,
Map 5,
Map 6.

Maps will be available at these 9 gardens the day of the tour. Here are some tips to use the bus and your bike to take the tour!

aquaponic farming to 6 gardens with 
chicken coops. This year the tour places special emphasis on the critical need for ocean friendly gardens and California native gardens that support much needed pollinators such as honey bees and monarch butterflies. See how creating outdoor rooms provides much more useful livable space than a traditional lawn and creates a
sense of community.

special guest presenters at many gardens to enhance your knowledge of sustainability in daily living. Especially valuable is the chance for guests to meet do it yourself gardeners who share knowledge and experience. This is truly a giant block party throughout Mar Vista and you will have a blast meeting your neighbors as you visit their gardens.

Guest presenters on the tour include, Los Angeles County Master Gardeners,The Seed Library of Los Angeles, 
Open Neighborhoods on solar and  
Grow Native Nursery.
26 Landscape designers will be at gardens to answer questions and share information.

For more information please email  Download the event flyer.

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