I added a couple of pictures from our day at the Skirball last mont... Skirball Noah's Ark.
Here is a link to the pics I posted...
Terry's Pics of Skirball

We had a great time. Our 4 year old totally loved it there with one of his friends, and the adults had fun too. The place is very cool if you haven't seen it.
Everything in the exhibit is recycled or reused. Everything is made to be explored and played with.

There was a dance team there called "Catch Me Bird' that was very cool and had some amazing moves. The kids loved it, and they even brought a bunch of kids up and had them exercise and do some moves. It was great.

I was happy the Noah's Ark story is not heavy handed. They talk about the commonality of the ark and flood stories, but that is about it.

I definitely recommend getting there early though as it gets crowded.

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