Old Fire Station 62 on Centinela at Charnok

The old Fire Station can be whatever we want it to be. Right now Bill Rosendal is working to put housing units on it. A bunch of Sr dedicated units. May be god for the community.

But we in the area were hoping for some community space and meeting hall. How will the mix work. Will they say the meeting is to disruptive and make us shut down the meeting early? Will they allow it to bused for a Sat. evening event?

And when the cost of the space is so dear what is with Bill Rosendahl still wanting to have an office there? Do we not need that space for the Community meeting hall?

Interesting presentation and sort of as Scoping meeting at the Aug 5th meeting. LADH is all about housing. The only city department that wants to deal with this site.

Working with Ven-Mar NA we tried to go to the city Arts Department for see if we could get a use that they could operate. That would also be a good community serving option. but the Arts Department does not have the funding to pay for a new building.

The current building can not be used for public meetings at all. Not EQ safe. Darn.

So what can we do with this site?

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