According to local blog Curbed LA, Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office wrote the following email to West Side Neighborhood Council (NC) Presidents, urging the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council to spend $25,598 or lose it:

"Dear Mar Vista, Palms and WLA NC Presidents: A proposal is afoot by Councilmember Smith to sweep NC funding balances older than three years that have not been spent. The new proposal allows NCs to accumulate up to two years funding ($100,000 max) rather that the previously allowed ($150,000). If this proposal passes, the City would save roughly $2.1 million. Attached is a spreadsheet that details the financial impacts on your NCs. WLA stands to lose $372, Mar Vista stands to lose $25,598, Palms stands to lose $44,701. We are still trying to figure out how quickly this proposal could go forward. In the meantime, I strongly urge your NCs to quickly consider allocating and spending the excess monies to prevent their loss."

Contact info for the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council here.

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