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Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi
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Neighbors sharing the Net bring free wireless Internet to the block:

  • Simple, plug-in Wi-Fi antenna
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Free and paid subscriber access

Why share Wi-Fi Internet with your neighbors?

Conventional broadband cable/DSL Internet service can be expensive and unreliable, and much of it goes unused. Open Wi-Fi is a wireless mesh in your neighborhood with free and affordable broadband Internet for everyone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi?

Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi is a neighborhood initiative to bring open access to fast and reliable Internet service throughout Mar Vista. Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi broadcasts a high-speed open Wi-Fi signal provided to residential areas and commercial districts of Mar Vista.  See map above for locations.

How does Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi work?

Open Mar Vista works by connecting multiple homes and businesses via a Wi-Fi mesh to create a powerful wireless network with reliable service that doesn't go down when your Internet does.

Are there any costs to participate?

Open Mar Vista is available as an open Wi-Fi network publicly accessible at no charge. For $199 you can activate an outdoor "repeater" to boost coverage for your business or home. Regular users who are not sharing a portion of their broadband are encouraged to contribute $10 per month toward on-going operation.

Is Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi secure?

Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi repeaters utilize industry-standard security technologies, including WPA/WPA2 encryption. A built-in firewall protects your data and your local network from snoops and malicious hackers.

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