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Open Mar Vista


Open Mar Vista is a neighborhood social network and grassroots movement to keep Mar Vista residents informed and connected.

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Group Performance Event at Mar Vista Farmers Market

Joy at the Mar Vista Farmers Market

JOY community street theater performance event planned for May 3rd at Mar Vista Farmers Market.

11am on Sunday May 3, 2009

Join Mar Vista in a moment of spontaneous community theater 11am at the Mar Vista Farmers Market (Grand View at Venice Blvd.) on Sunday May 3rd. A group performance and musical event for neighborhood residents and families will begin promptly at 11am. Signup below.

Cinco de Mayo

The day will coincide with the Mar Vista Farmers Market's annual Cinco de Mayo festival, a day of celebration of Mexican culture featuring the 9-piece Cumbia band OPA OPA, performances by Fokloriko Veracruzano, Dino Castro, Son Mestizo, Katty Guitierrez, Danza de los Viejitos de Grand View Elementary along with Pinatas, booths featuring art, crafts, jewelry neighborhood artisan vendors. And, as always, direct marketed fruits, flowers and veggies from local Southern California farmers.

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Visit marvistafarmersmarket.org for more about the Mar Vista Farmers Market. Read about a recent day at the market.


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