The Los Angeles City Council will be holding a special meeting tomorrow, Tuesday Dec. 13 to discuss the pilot of a 75 Megawatt Solar Feed-In Tariff program for Los Angeles.  The session is pivotal for implementation of a new solar program that will enable business owners and residents to install solar panels on their rooftops to generate clean energy and sell surplus to the local utility.  Sign the online petition today.



The Los Angeles Business Council and the CLEAN LA Coalition Partners need your help sending a message to City leaders today. Visit the website and click to send a letter to the Mayor, City Council and LA Department of Water and Power saying that you support a well-price, fairly allocated, 75MW Solar Feed-In Tariff with a simple application process, to be implemented by 2014.

Solar power has now reached "grid parity" in Los Angeles and can be a cheaper and cleaner source of energy than utility-provided electricity.  Learn more about options you may already have today to go solar and reduce your electric bill with no upfront costs.

Call today to request a free solar assessment for your roof: (310) 893-3100.

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