Great article in the LA Times on Friday about all the new Digital TV channels that are available for free.

Rabbit ears make comeback in digital TV era
In the wake of the transition to digital television, Southland viewers are finding they can get nearly three times as many channels as they once could with an antenna. And rather than the erratic, fuzzy reception of yesteryear, today's rabbit ears are capable of delivering a surprisingly clear high-definition picture.

About 11% of U.S. households -- or about 13 million homes -- watch over-the-air broadcasts.

But watching TV over the airwaves has begun to appeal to a broader audience.

"It's the best-kept secret around here," said Mike Mahan, who recently installed a pair of antennas in the attic of his Ladera Ranch home and dropped his cable subscription. "I just got tired of paying for hundreds of channels I don't watch."

With antennas that can cost as little as a dollar, most Los Angeles viewers can now pick up close to 70 channels, up from around 26 before the federally mandated digital switch-over last summer. Nearly a dozen of the digital channels are broadcast in high definition.,0,388...

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Wow! This is really like a cool secret that now everyone will know. I don't have cable TV, but now maybe we could get an antenna and see what channels we'd get for free... Hmmm....


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