1) What is Open Wi-Fi?

Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi is a fast and reliable wireless mesh enabled by Mar Vista residents and businesses joining together to a create a powerful, high-speed network with widespread Wi-Fi coverage and public broadband access.

2) Who uses Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi?

Dozens of homeowners, renters and businesses, are participating and over 3,000 users in Mar Vista have accessed the Internet via the high-speed Open Mar Vista community wireless network.

3) How does Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi work?

If you are in range of the wireless signal, you may notice an Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi option appear on your Wi-Fi enabled computer or phone. Select this network to connect to the Internet.

Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi works by encouraging neighborhood residents and businesses to join together in connecting via Wi-Fi to create a powerful wireless network with a strong Wi-Fi signal within homes and business and throughout the neighborhood. If you are an existing broadband subscriber, you are invited to share a portion of your bandwidth and help build reliable Wi-Fi with coverage growing throughout Mar Vista.

4) How does Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi help our community?

As more of us participate, we improve local Wi-Fi coverage and gain access to a much more powerful and reliable network than any of us have on our own.

The availability of high speed Wi-Fi throughout Mar Vista is expected to strengthen our neighborhood community, help improve the efficiency and delivery of city services, increase economic development, and assist in bridging the “digital divide.”

5) Are there any costs to use Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi?

Open Mar Vista is available as an open Wi-Fi network publicly accessible at no charge.

For $199 you can activate an indoor or outdoor "repeater" antenna to boost coverage for your business or home. Outdoor antennas come with a do-it-yourself rooftop installation kit. Professional rooftop installation is available for $75.

Regular users who are not sharing a portion of their broadband are encouraged to contribute $10 per month toward on-going operation.

6) Do I have to use Wi-Fi technology to benefit?

If you currently use Wi-Fi technology and are in range of the Open Mar Vista signal you can benefit immediately. Wi-Fi is becoming a standard feature in many laptops, phones, and music players.

If you don't currently use Wi-Fi, Open Mar Vista can allow you to connect to the Internet via a high-speed wireless connection.

7) Is Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi secure?

Open Mar Vista Wi-Fi repeaters utilize industry-standard security technologies, including WPA/WPA2 encryption. A built-in firewall protects your data and your local network from snoops and malicious hackers.

8) How Can I Get Involved?

Join the Wi-Fi revolution and share a portion of your broadband connection from your home or business and help bring Open Wi-Fi to our community.

Please send us a message if you would like to participate.

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