I use verizon highspeed (internet only), and they're stealing my money. My service is often down, and I spend hours on hold for them to tell me I need a service appntm. I'm desperate for an alternative. Am I a candidate for the repeater thingy? (I'm at 11417 charnock).
I'll do what ever is needed to help out my neighbors and say FU to verizon.

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Hi Sarah C,
Quite often, I work from a home office and must have reliable service. I was not 100% satisfied with my Time Warner (coax/cable)... so I installed an additional dedicated DSL (copper/phone) line. I was doubling up on my service to assure I would not have interruptions. Unfortunately, it still happened... which is one of the key reasons I am enthusiastic about a community wi-fi initiative. The redundant/overlap of services that a community wi-fi provides makes the most sense.

UPDATE: I have just canceled both my Coax/Cable and my DSL lines. And am happy to tell you, have just installed a fiber optic line to our home with Verizon. Verizon now offers FIOS and I am now paying less money and have twice the speed as I had previously.
I am extremely happy.

Hope this helps!
Yow! I'm inspired to check whether Verizon has made it to me with their FIOS.

This whole communications-thing is such an immense relocation of money ... I can hardly believe how much money I (and we all, collectively) spend in a year, endlessly, to communicate with others. Makes you long for caves....

Thanks for the info, John. Now, what is the chance that Verizon has a business office open at midnight?


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