Here are some comments on recent questions about bringing open Wi-Fi to Mar Vista (thanks Ian!):

1. Time-Warner bandwidth throttling to heavy users. Do I suffer if a user downloads huge amounts of data via my WiFi access point?

Time-Warner has reportedly begun testing Internet usage caps in a town in Texas -- a controversial practice imposed upon subscribers to 'unlimited' bandwidth plans.

The FCC just ruled against Comcast engaging in similar practices, concluding Comcast unlawfully disrupted the transfer of certain digital files by purposely slowing the transmission of files shared among users.

We've found on the Mar Vista mesh that very small amounts of bandwidth are actually being used -- usually in short bursts. We also have the ability to block devices from the network that are using bandwidth abusively.

2. What is TW's policy on sharing bandwidth?

Time-Warner has a program to allow shared access points using a Wi-Fi product call 'FON'.

We're not aware of a similar partnership Time Warner has yet with Meraki -- but in general Time Warner and other ISP's would not have any restrictions on securing your Wi-Fi router vs. leaving it open (though they probably restrict you from reselling their service).

3. If a user engages in illegal activity using my access point, will I be held liable?

There's been quite a bit written on this subject. The experts seem to conclude that the Communications Decency Act provides that "if you are legally sharing your WiFi, then you are a service provider, and under current laws you are not liable for what others do with the service."

Please share any other info you find in these areas. Thanks!

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