Birgitta & collective,

Thanks to Birgitta for organizing the meeting today. I am really looking forward to working with the team. The event is Saturday, March 29th, from 9am to 4pm.

I wanted to provide those interested with a link to the Torrance website. Torrance holds a Spring Boutique at Wilson Park.

I can't speak to the success or the quality of the event because I've never attended. The price is $70 for non residents for a 10 by 10 booth.
Copy and paste into browser. Then scroll to bottom of web page for application and other important documents.

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I am sorry I am never able to attend the meetings but here is some info regarding the Torrance boutique. I have attended the past Holiday boutique, at the beginning of December.
This faire is nicely organized (they have young volunteers who take you to your booth, come offering you free coffee in the morning and taking food orders at lunch and give you pit stop brakes if you are by yourself!) You also park right behind your booth (a great plus).
When I set the booth and looked around, I saw inexpensive items and more focused on gadgets and Holiday gifts (scarves, candles, frames, etc.) and I thought I would have not sold anything (I am a jeweler with items starting at $50). Unexpectedly, I made few hundred dollars and found an interesting clientele; some people came from Torrance, some from LA, some from the Valley, and some from Palos Verdes. I am going to be there this March 29 and will see what happens!
I hope to see you there (I will be at booth #84).
Lucia Pasquinelli (LU.PA)


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