Hi fellow collective members.
I wanted to see if anyone's resolutions involved growing their arts and/or crafts business?
lets see if we can help each other make it happen
What do you see as your and the groups needs?
How can we achieve what we want?
lets start talking about our ideas and see who in our group is interested in working together.
Me, I would love to grow my business and also help organize a Mar Vista art show that would include painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and who ever else needs a platform?
maybe it could be a quarterly show?
I have a lot more thoughts to share with whoever is interested and a few possible locations.
Remember we are a collective so lets put all our ideas in the hat and see which ones resonate the most.
Looking forward to your responses,

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Hi Birgitta.

I'm glad to see the email with the 12:30pm time. I'll be there.



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