Hi, fellow artists.

The idea just went on like a lightbulb. Would anyone be interested in an artists' discussion group? Not a web group, but the old-school kind, where we get together, perhaps over some edible goodies, to enjoy and support each other as we grow our creative efforts?

I wish you all a productive and happy 2010!

Cathy Engel-Marder

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Hi, Rebecca.

I accidentally posted my original comment twice. Did you see the response by Rachel Panush on the other post?

Even though I'm a few months late, welcome to the area.

What's your creative medium? I'm a sculptor, currently dabbling in fused glass. Let me know how to reach you, and let's talk. If we can find a couple of other interested people, perhaps we can kick something into gear. If not, at lease we'll each know one more creative person in the area. I like the idea of artists supporting each other as we grow in our endeavors. My e-mail is

I look forward to hearing from you and anyone else you know of who might be interested in this.

Happy New Year!


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