Hi, fellow artists.

The idea just went on like a lightbulb. Would anyone be interested in an artists' discussion group? Not a web group, but the old-school kind, where we get together, perhaps over some edible goodies, to enjoy and support each other as we grow our creative efforts?

I wish you all a productive and happy 2010!

Cathy Engel-Marder

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Maybe. My year has been so disappointing that I'm ready to move on and put more energy into other endeavors. keep me posted.

Rachel Panush
Hi, Rachel.

Thanks for the link to your website. I love what you're doing; sorry it's been a difficult year. I suspect that many small businesses and craftspeople are having a rough time.

I am a sculptor who has been dabbling in fused glass for about a year. The medium is rather complex, and I'm just beginning to figure out where I want to go with it. In other words, I'm not yet ready to market this particular batch of wares. (I walked away from my last creative medium--ceramics--when I stopped growing artistically, despite pretty good sales.)

My idea is to connect with people who take their creativity seriously but with a touch of joy, and who could support each other in unblocking, growing in their craft, exploring marketing solutions, and just generally have a good time together. In other words--building a friendly support system of artists and craftspeople. Perhaps we could meet monthly to talk and share a potluck meal?

If this idea appeals to you and you know of anybody else who might be interested, let me know. (Perhaps some of the Farmer's Market folks--?) Or if you'd like to tweak my seed of a concept into something slightly different, let's talk.

Good luck in 2010. Hopefully things will look up in the New Year!


I'm late in replying (for some reason I haven't gotten any Open MV emails at all lately) but I would be interested. Caveat: I am a graphic designer, not a fine artist. ;)

Waaaiiiitttt... sculptor turned fused glass artist? Cathy, I think we may have met a few months ago. Do you have a dog that isn't so comfortable with strangers? Did you put up a sukkah? If so, I am the person who came by and chatted with you and your husband, and sent him a photo of him building.

(If that's not you, well, um, never mind mind and carry on!)
Yep. It's me.

I haven't really pursued the group idea, since I only got a couple of nibbles back in December, when I first mentioned it. But if you're interested, let's see who else is out there and give it a go.

BTW--I'm not a "fine" artist, either. Probably more of a craftsperson, which is "fine" with me!
Jean-- I tried to send you a message with my contact information, but the site won't let me do it unless I "friend" you. So...may I add you as a friend?
Yes. I have interest in meeting with other artists. I am a photographer, living in Mar Vista.
The little interaction with other artists tehat I have had has been quite helpful.
This may be a bit late for a reply but I just opened the site today. I support your keeping the idea alive.
Robin Doyno
Cheers everyone.


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