I began my business earlier this year. I'm excited to be an upcoming participant with the Mar Vista's Farmer's Market. As a resident I appreciate the Farmer's Market which encourages communities to buy local and supports local farmers.

How long have the other members of the group been involved in selling their art or crafts? Have others participated at events outside Mar Vista?

I sold on the Venice boardwalk a few times. I just recently participated at John Muir which is largely antiques (and wasn't an event that I did well at). I'm interested in Art Walks, Festivals, Eco friendly events. At the present time most of my sales have come from coworkers thus far.

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hi lisa,
I have been making jewelry for a long time and have been selling on and off for the last 10 years.
It was a hobby for most of those years.
The last three years i have been doing more events and networking with other vendors to give each other info on them. This is where the Mar Vista arts and crafts collective idea came from.
I do a lot of school events and think you should check those out, the MV farmers market is great and i love that we have a regular schedule now.
There are many events that sound great but with 3 kids i find i have to be selective and choose the ones that are easy on the family.
Cant wait to see your products and will happily Share any info i have with you.


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