The Mar Vista Community Council voted yesterday evening to put Mar Vista on track to become the first neighborhood in Los Angeles to achieve 100% clean electricity.

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition to demonstrate that support for clean energy runs deep in the Mar Vista community!

The following policy motion was adopted with unanimous approval:

Whereas coal-burning power plants deliver 44% of Los Angeles DWP electricity and yet coal-burning is widely recognized as a major contributor to climate change; whereas significant federal and state funding are available in California to make clean energy solutions such as photovoltaic solar panels affordable for residents and businesses; and whereas 84 Mar Vista residents have signed the petition to repower Mar Vista with 100% clean electricity by 2018; Mar Vista hereby adopts a goal to develop a roadmap and achieve net 100% clean electricity utilization within the Mar Vista community as a whole by 2018.

Read more from the Mar Vista Green Committee:

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