From the LA Times:

The social-networking-via-books site Goodreads has teamed up with the Mar Vista Public Library and author Lisa See for a book swap at 8:15 p.m. Thursday. The event is free, but RSVPs are required — so far, more than 100 people plan to attend.

Although space is limited, having a capacity crowd is good for book swappers — and for the library.

The way it works: Everyone brings books that they're willing to part with. Could be that kids have outgrown them, they will never get read, there's no room or maybe you're one of those who have decided to purge Kerouac. All the books are arrayed so they can be reviewed. And then, the swapping. Attendees browse and take any books they like, free.

All books that aren't taken away by Goodreads members and other swappers will be donated to the library.

The chic L.A. Public Library support group Young Literati is involved, and it is hosting a reading by Lisa See earlier in the evening (details here). See will be sticking around to sign copies of her book "Shanghai Girls" as the swap gets underway.

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